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29 January 2013 @ 01:16 pm
The Lifestyle Around The World Legacy 1.2  
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 photo capture_002_21012013_133445_zpsd0de14f6.png
This, dear reader, is how Alt and Cleve spend the majority of their first week home. Desperate for money as Cleve tries to build his creativity points up before the vacation perk wears off and Alt tries to get the points necessary for the promotion they so desperately need, thanks to Cleve getting knocked up and them being broke.

Welcome back to the Lifestyle Around The World Legacy! Just as a refresher, I’m following the Board Game Challenge rules by @simppl_life for this legacy, found here: http://simppl-life.livejournal.com/19266.html.

 photo capture_003_21012013_133828_zpsef6037cc.png
Last we left Alt and Cleve, they’d just returned from their one day honeymoon on Twikki Island and Cleve here was pregnant courtesy of said honeymoon. He seemed surprised, oddly enough.
"Am not, I know exactly how I got this way. But do you see these awful pajamas? Get me to the dresser, quick!"
Cleve is a bit of a fashion whore.

 photo capture_004_21012013_134215_zpsf825e13e.png
Like a boss, Alt comes home with a promotion and lots of monies for fashion and bb supplies. Yes! He's a good baby daddy.

 photo capture_005_21012013_134555_zps0d9fe921.png
Poor Cleve is having a tough pregnancy. It took him about a dozen faceplants to finish that sandwich. *sigh*
"You know, when we said we wanted equality, this wasn't on the list of demands. Can't we just adopt from some third world country like every other self-respecting gay celebrity?"
Nope!  Blood babies only! :D Also, you're not a celebrity, you delusional loon. Maybe 25 people read the last update, so take it down a notch, huh?

 photo capture_006_21012013_135225_zps6cd0473d.png
Luckily it goes quick and the baby is coming! Alt is not at all fazed by Cleve’s drama queen act. Maybe next time Alt can be the one squeezing out a kidtart.

 photo capture_007_21012013_135355_zpse555fff4.png
As I said in my first update, this legacy is based around Alt’s desire to have his family and descendants travel to places he’s never been so all of the born in game sims will have place names. For our first born, meet Twikki, a blonde haired, black eyed girl named after the one and only place Alt will ever get to go – and also the place where she was conceived. Also….misspelled, as I see now. Oh boy. Well whatevs lol. Welcome to the Legacy, kid. A misspelled name is the least of your problems, I assure you.

 photo capture_008_21012013_135623_zps762f56b4.png
To pay the 1000 simolean penalty for having a child, Alt buys this Bella portrait and then sticks it in his inventory where they won’t benefit from it at all, not even environment boosting.
Also, wtf that this pic is so expensive.  It looks like some lame Instagram Myspace angle selfie that is then run through Photoshop by an overzealous tween.

 photo capture_009_21012013_140239_zpse91f1bc2.png
With very little money left, Twikki gets a 3x3 room that’s currently all in pink because I’m a tool and forgot Gen 2 is Light Blue, so midway through you’ll see it changes to blue. Sorry!

 photo capture_010_21012013_140444_zps53814ff7.png
Oh god I hate chance cards. Since he can never have another job, I’m praying he doesn’t get fired because who knows how long it will take for Law to come back up in the paper. *fingers crossed, rolls dice, and hits Sue*

 photo capture_011_21012013_140450_zpsfd485eeb.png
YAY! Promotion and bonus!
Also because it’s so early, I was able to send Alt back off to work. He doesn’t have the skills for another promotion, but he can get another day’s pay.

 photo capture_012_21012013_142728_zpsaf606895.png
Oh! Twikki is aging up! I must have missed the popup and Cleve decided to do it himself, proving he's good for more than looking pretty and squeezing babies out of his arsehole.

 photo capture_013_21012013_142811_zpsedb9a11f.png
Oh dear. That is an unfortunate face, child. Um…let’s see what the mirror can do with you.

 photo capture_014_21012013_144027_zps6e8434e6.png
Cute! Nothing a few freckles and a cute hairstyle can’t fix. The skintone is absurdly pale but there’s no changing that so it is what it is. I think she ended up cute.
“Of course she’s cute! Look at her, she’s an adorable little smidge!”
He’s protective, I see. Ok, ok, she’s absolutely adorable.

 photo capture_015_21012013_144937_zps61c9a818.png
And of course they decide, as do all my Sims, that the best way to celebrate a child aging up is to boink and try to breed more. Guys I swear, don’t you dare. Do you hear me? No more right now!

 photo capture_016_21012013_144950_zps23653219.png
Why do I even bother to speak?

 photo capture_017_21012013_145333_zps3fe52d1c.png
No lullaby though, thank god, so I sent Cleve downtown to meet a bunch of people he can then call and make friends with for Alt’s rise up the corporate ladder. Why top tier lawyers care if he knows the town’s wicked witch is beyond me, but okie dokie, Eaxis.

 photo capture_018_21012013_145723_zpsdddb3866.png
Well now, this can’t be good. There are two of him. They have different names so I don’t know if that means it’s okay or if it’s still a sign of problems. Whatever the case, he’s hot and Cleve meets them both so maybe one of them will be a match for our heir. I'd love some little ginger baby heirs and spares running around.

 photo capture_019_21012013_150047_zps949e42e5.png
And this is how they spend the next few days. Skill/chat, skill/chat. They’re a good team to get Alt the promotions he needs.

 photo capture_020_21012013_150638_zps0019c7aa.png
And still love each other to bits, too.
"Cleve. Cleve.  Babe. I made you a grilled chee!  Cleve. Lookit."

 photo capture_021_21012013_150709_zps914e9ef1.png
“I made you a grilled chee, but I eated it.”
Oh, Alt. Well, there’s a whole other plate full on the counter, I’m sure your husband will forgive you.

 photo capture_023_21012013_151356_zps034f4826.png
Twikki is getting taught to walk. I rarely get all the toddler skills but like to get at least one or two. Walking and maybe potty training for our little island girl.

 photo capture_024_21012013_151359_zpsfc37da43.png
So cute!

 photo capture_025_21012013_151800_zps8e9d7809.png
Ohhhh no no no no. Crapsticks. *rolls dice and hits Damages*

 photo capture_026_21012013_151820_zps3214ddf3.png

 photo capture_027_21012013_152105_zps494b0f75.png
Alt doesn’t even seem to care. He’s too busy enjoying the welcome home from his Smidge. Financial success? Pssh. Meaningless when compared to a bb cuddle. :)

 photo capture_028_21012013_152422_zps8ef901e2.png
Oh, look, aging up time. Thanks a lot, Dude Who Doesn’t Live Here, for standing right in my shot and making me have to photo your ass. I appreciate it. :/

 photo capture_029_21012013_152447_zpsfd5308dc.png
Cute Twikki!

 photo capture_030_21012013_152457_zps35f6b148.png
Still slightly unfortunate, but not bad. She got a cute personality, which counts a lot for me.

 photo capture_031_21012013_153317_zps4c7ff2e1.png
So, Smidge here is just standing around, painting in her bathrobe. Nothing untoward, right?

 photo capture_032_21012013_153338_zps2689c516.png
Except she totally just ditched her first day of school! Get your butt out of here, young lady. I wish there was an option Cleve could walk her to school. They don’t have a car yet so he couldn’t drive her. Well, be safe, kiddo.

 photo capture_033_21012013_161206_zpsda44d167.png
It’s here that I realize – oh wait, Alt’s LTW is to grad 3 kids from college. I haven’t even been trying to get them knocked up. They’ve tried a couple of times on their own with no luck, but if this isn’t going to be the world’s longest generation I better get going on the other 2 babies.

 photo capture_034_21012013_161607_zps3d7e594a.png
Smidge is super friendly. And super happy. She comes home from school with her fun barely lowered, she makes friends within ten minutes of the townie children stepping on the lot and homework doesn’t make a dent in her fun bar hardly at all. I love this kid.

 photo capture_035_21012013_161802_zps623d0241.png
See her bar? That’s post homework. Her bar wasn’t completely full when she started, either.
"Learning, yay!"
She's a bit of a nerd, but oh well. Get down with your brainy self, bb.

 photo capture_036_21012013_162448_zpsa7d0bdda.png
She gets A-pluses on her third day being alive, too.  I had no idea that was even possible.  Maybe because my Sims usually fight doing their homework so much they barely manage to not get taken by CPS.

 photo capture_037_21012013_162457_zpsccd78754.png
LOL, I’m sorry but she’s so cute. She did this butt-wiggly thing I’ve never noticed is a part of the a-plus dance. Maybe because I fast forward a lot.

 photo capture_038_21012013_162900_zpsce548c7f.png
In the interest of fulfilling Alt’s LTW, sex. Ah, the sacrifices the boys make, right? Two tries later, Cleve is preggo again.

 photo capture_039_21012013_163843_zpsc76ae3da.png
So proud of himself. As he should be since there’s about to be another penalty painting added to Alt’s inventory. But between Alt getting hella promotions and Cleve now maxed on creativity and painting his ass off – since per the rules first gen spouse is not allowed to work – they’ve raked in about 25k so far. Which is good, they’ll need it because between this gen and the next, they have to move houses.
A quick pause to explain how I’m doing that. Four times in 8 generations, the Lifestyle family will have to move. There are 4 sides to the board. My plan is to have them move ‘up in the world’ every time they move. This first move they will go from the low purple properties to the light blue properties on the same side. So they need a *slightly* better house. Then next time they move they’ll be going from the poverty side to the lower class side amongst the magenta and light tan properties, so they need something a bit better than the last. Then they’ll move up to the middle class section of the red and yellows and need something eve better and finally by the last two gens they’ll be on the greens and blues and need a mansion. So every two generations needs to really up the income because they will need a bigger and better house every time they move.
Now, back to the update!

 photo capture_040_21012013_171040_zps9829232f.png
Baby number two! Poor Cleve is all alone when he goes into labor, as Alt is at work and Smidge is at school.

 photo capture_041_21012013_171608_zps51f68204.png
No worries, he pulls through and it’s another blonde haired, black eyed girl. Hopefully she doesn’t end up a clone of Twikki. Her name is Juneau!

 photo capture_042_21012013_173549_zps67d6756a.png
Speaking of Twikki, it’s about time for her to become a teen! Hey, doesn’t this room look a little empty for a birthday party?

 photo capture_043_21012013_173644_zps2d90eb8d.png
GUYS! Stop planning to have sex and come witness your child’s transition to near adulthood!

 photo capture_044_21012013_173709_zps96a667b1.png
Thank you. Jeesh.

 photo capture_045_21012013_173734_zps1b42e4e7.png
They stay just long enough to see her twirl and before she’s even chosen an aspiration, they’re off to the bedroom to attempt to make more babies.

 photo capture_046_21012013_173759_zps54bff3a0.png
She’s still cute! Still too pale and slightly awkward looking, but she has personality and so do her looks. *squishes her*

 photo capture_047_21012013_173826_zps3067a6e6.png
She rolls Knowledge and…what are those turn ons, young lady?? I don’t even know if any fat guys spawned in my clean neighborhood when I populated it. Maybe I should make a few and add them to the townie pool just to give Smidge a chance of finding somebody she likes.

 photo capture_048_21012013_174122_zps5f75c1a8.png
Ah well, she gets herself a job – gotta contribute to the household now that you’re all growed up! Everybody wants her to be an over-achiever which I foresee as not a problem.

 photo capture_049_21012013_174804_zps0a7c8eef.png
*grumble fricka rumble sulk*

 photo capture_050_21012013_174809_zps8f4f299f.png
RAWR RAEG! Thank goodness it’s just demoted. I hate these damn cards.

 photo capture_051_21012013_174911_zps19e87a1d.png
Alt, however, doesn’t take it with quite the same aplomb. Aww, bb.

 photo capture_052_21012013_180155_zps758b1ded.png
In protest, he proceeds to get himself stuck at the dinner table. CHAIRS HOW DO THEY WORK???

 photo capture_053_21012013_180600_zps2ce0befe.png
I realize suddenly that Twikki never rolled her secondary aspiration and she gets family. Nice!

 photo capture_054_21012013_180615_zps7866cb43.png
I love the Eureka! Perk. It’s the best thing ever for knowledge sims.

 photo capture_055_21012013_180908_zps00e04b4d.png
Yet again I miss the popup and little Juneau is aged up by her big sister, since daddies are off skilling and painting.

 photo capture_056_21012013_180920_zpsbc935733.png
She’s not *as* unfortunate as Smidge was, but still not super cute. I’ll give her a makeover soon and see what can be done with her.

 photo capture_057_21012013_182141_zps27a50f69.png
For now, Cleve is busy popping out baby number three – and it WILL be the last, boys – in his undies post-sexxing.

 photo capture_058_21012013_182416_zps0e6cb8d5.png
And the final baby of Gen 2 (barring any Oops babies) is a boy! Blonde haired and black eyed like his sisters, his name is Rio.

And that does it for this update. Next update will be lots of birthdays and moving out to college and, hopefully, Alt and Cleve making enough money to get this family up out of the slum neighborhood they currently live in to something a bit higher on the ladder. See you next time, thanks for reading!

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xerenisxerenis on January 29th, 2013 08:27 pm (UTC)
Twikki is the cutest girl !! I normally HATE freckles but she looks totally adorable !
eatyoursimchieatyoursimchi on January 30th, 2013 02:21 am (UTC)
:D Thanks, she did turn out super cute, which you'd never guess from her rather unfortunate toddler stage!
TomMike: britmaskingmike1224 on January 30th, 2013 02:18 am (UTC)
Wow poor Twikki got the short end of that stick, so far Juneau has my vote... though Rio could be a contender.

Haha well you could always have sims from my game, cuz all I ever seem to do is make my sims pop out kids.

And Um...Twikki cant have a job though...rules say kids and spouses can't work :[
eatyoursimchieatyoursimchi on January 30th, 2013 02:25 am (UTC)
She must have changed the rules, because the printout I have (I printed the post out the day she put it up) says only spouses can't work, nothing about the kids. That's unfortunate, oh well nothing I can do now since I'm currently playing the kids in college. If I ever do the challenge again I'll go by the updated rules. :)

Waaaait until y'all see how these kids turn out! I'm having trouble choosing an heir!
TomMike: britneykingmike1224 on January 30th, 2013 02:57 am (UTC)
you are so mean!! Don't tease me!!

And you want fun, I put this challenge in my BACC so i dont have all the jobs either o.0
nikkizoidnikkizoid on January 30th, 2013 04:23 am (UTC)
But I'm so excited to see all the kids as adults, I think that'll be the do or die time for them. I love that Twiki is a little nerd, it's super cute ^__^
eatyoursimchieatyoursimchi on January 30th, 2013 07:33 am (UTC)
Ed Sheeran is so ridiculously talented. Why do more people not know and worship him??

LOL yeah she's a little doof, Twikki is! Thanks for reading :)
perislaperisla on January 30th, 2013 03:52 pm (UTC)
The kids are all adorable! I can't wait to see Juneau after her makeover and Rio as a toddler!