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22 January 2013 @ 01:37 am
The Lifestyle Around The World Legacy 1.0  
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Welcome to the Lifestyle Around The World Legacy! A Monopoly World Edition Legacy based on simppl_life’s Board Game Challenge located HERE. Thanks for reading!

 photo capture_006_20012013_225618_zps54a46480.png
Hmmm, what have we here? This looks suspiciously like a Legacy lot. Unlivable shack, check. Ratty couch, check. No roof, check.

 photo capture_007_20012013_225639_zps9f7f1bd7.png
Oh yeah, when your bathroom and your kitchen are in the same crackerbox space, it’s safe to say we have the start of a Legacy happening!

 photo capture_009_20012013_230634_zpsa830ccd1.png
Meet Alt, our Founder. Alt has some history. About 7 years ago when I first discovered Sims 2 in 2006, I made my very first Legacy family and Alt (short for Alternative) Lifestyle was my founder. Then ~tragedy struck and I moved and forgot to backup my neighborhoods in order to bring Alt with me. And thus, he was lost forever, along with his family which was in Gen 7.

So I’ve decided to recreate him as best I can based on the pictures and chapters of his old Legacy and give him a second chance to create a dynasty to be proud of. I didn’t let him go to college, like I do most founders, because back when I had him before I only had the base game and there was no college. Plus @simppl_life’s rules don’t say anything about college starts so I didn’t. :) On we go!

 photo capture_010_20012013_230737_zpscc776e86.png
Like any good Family sim, Alt wants to have lots and lots of babies. Then send them to college. Smart babies, he wants. Actually, mostly he just wants babies who travel the world. See, that’s Alt’s dream and the theme of this legacy – Monopoly World! Alt dreams of a family and many future generations of globe-trotting sims, zipping all over the planet and visiting places he’s never been and can only dream of. As such, every child’s name will relate to some far-off exotic place that Alt has marked down on his little Sim Bucket List. The neighborhood I’m using is the Monopoly Hood HERE on Mod The Sims. I’ve family funds’d Alt down to the normal 4800 simoleans and now we’re ready to go.

 photo capture_011_20012013_230742_zps863e1897.png
 photo capture_012_20012013_230751_zps545b0cb6.png
As you can see, right out the box, Alt is gay. Unless this means he likes hairy women. However, a run of ACR’s randomizer says nope, he’s completely gay. The turn ons and turn offs were rolled for, too.

 photo capture_013_20012013_230837_zps95391efa.png
 photo capture_014_20012013_230903_zps4e117376.png
For his secondary he rolls Fortune, which is fine but don’t expect a bunch of fancy stuff right away, boy. After all that stuff strewn about your lot, you have all of 3 bucks left. Better find a job!

 photo capture_015_20012013_231036_zps285682fc.png
Gee, thanks paper girl. It’s not like he has a front door (leading to the bathroom but whatever, it’s a door!) or anything.

 photo capture_016_20012013_231355_zps684295b3.png
While Alt’s finding a job (there are only 5 jobs available to Gen 1 per the rules – teacher, lawyer, journalist, doctor or physicist.) the welcome wagon rolls up. Cute Kpop looking boy and a girl who proceeds to be completely ignored for the next several hours.

 photo capture_017_20012013_231521_zps0e3f085c.png
None of the allowed jobs are in the paper so Alt kills time by leading Cleve, the cute Kpop boy, in a rousing dance edition of YMCA. That girl stands there trying to get a word in edgewise and fails completely. This becomes the default for anyone attempting to interrupt these two.

 photo capture_018_20012013_231610_zpse2d52436.png
Because BOOM! They are falling for each other all on their own. Ahh, love. Also, Alt, that might possibly be the cheesiest grin I’ve ever seen.

 photo capture_019_20012013_231631_zpse8c18b52.png
Flirt Flirt Flirt

 photo capture_020_20012013_231721_zps47a4ffd5.png
Plus Plus Plus

 photo capture_021_20012013_231832_zps76b1e207.png
Well, I guess you could, but I hope you don’t make her think he’s gonna be into her at all. He’s pretty much claimed Cleve as his mate on Day One, Hour Two of being alive. Decisive much?

 photo capture_022_20012013_232052_zpse14e467e.png
Proving himself a to the core Family Sim, Alt heads into his wee bathroom/kitchen to serve up some chili for his man.

 photo capture_023_20012013_232135_zps48720ad4.png
This does not go well.

 photo capture_024_20012013_232319_zps541822b4.png
Oh shit. The room is so tiny that Alt is standing in front of the door shrieking and the fireman can’t get in to put out the fire! Oh crapshit, my founder is going to die burnt to a crisp just 3 hours into this! That might be a record for my shortest lived legacy attempt.

 photo capture_025_20012013_232346_zps1ee4182b.png
And then, thank god, the fireman somehow manages to shove my hysterical founder out of the way and manages to put out the fire which had, by this time, spread to three of the shack’s 9 tiles. Ugh, dammit Alt, not a good start!

 photo capture_026_20012013_232507_zpsa0d1b393.png
Cleve seems unconcerned by the whole nearly dying in a fireball of doom thing. He’s more concerned with how hot Alt is. Priorities, Cleve. Get you some.

 photo capture_027_20012013_232549_zps67ed4524.png
Well, maybe next time you’ll be more careful cooking and it won’t taste like tar scraped off the underside of some 18-wheeler. Shush and eat, you have no money to be wasting noms. Even gross, burnt noms.

 photo capture_028_20012013_232714_zpsaa4917d1.png
I see they’ve decided to just skip right past courting to ‘Gonna just stand here and watch you bathe.’ Super.

 photo capture_029_20012013_234107_zps0fe3846c.png
Whoo! Day two and Alt gets the job I’d hoped for. In his previous incarnation he was a cop, but since that’s not an option in the rules, lawyer was as close as he can get, being in the legal field at least.

 photo capture_030_20012013_234243_zps770ce823.png
Alt does a great job and comes home promoted to a secretary. He’s very excited about this. I dunno, my partner is a legal secretary and she hates her job with the fire of ten thousand suns, so Alt might be a little delusional to be so happy.

 photo capture_031_20012013_234307_zps914ad0a8.png
Or maybe he’s happy about the handsome redhead he brought home from the office.

 photo capture_032_20012013_234344_zps6d7d8deb.png
Cleve calls up, as if he has some kind of super sense every boyfriend needs, and they talk about the burnt chili and how close it made them in such a short amount of time and by the time they hang up Alt has no interest in the redhead at all. Oh well, maybe some other generation will get ginger babies. Alt has clearly chosen Cleve so now all that stands in their way is to earn some money and have a better shack before they get married.

 photo capture_033_21012013_002038_zpsb11c6f5c.png
Uggggh! I hate chance cards. But I always play them because to not feels like cheating. Okay, Alt, try to convince the guy.

 photo capture_034_21012013_002047_zps29c8abe5.png
Crapshit. Well, at least he wasn’t fired, I guess.

 photo capture_035_21012013_002200_zps761f453e.png
And luckily he comes home in time for me to send him right back out the door to work and he comes home with a promotion back to his previous position. Win! We needed the influx of cash.

 photo capture_037_21012013_002635_zps0fa75e50.png
The shack now has more than nine tiles, whee!

 photo capture_038_21012013_005724_zps06951a8c.png
To celebrate, Alt invites Cleve over and proves yet again that he’s a to the core family sim, daydreaming about getting engaged as he gets his first kiss. :)

 photo capture_039_21012013_005822_zps55ab2369.png
They proceed to boom-shacka-lacka immediately post kiss. I guess Alt’s not much for taking things slow lol. They look so happy, aww.

 photo capture_040_21012013_005847_zps99b3426e.png

 photo capture_041_21012013_005917_zpsb51d3a41.png

 photo capture_042_21012013_010316_zps2ec6011c.png
 photo capture_043_21012013_010341_zpsaa95fb06.png
Proving that doing things backwards can work, love shows up a few minutes after sex. And just like that, Alt’s on his knees giving Cleve a…

 photo capture_044_21012013_010415_zpsd9b9a56b.png

 photo capture_045_21012013_010426_zps713a2255.png
Wedding bells are in the air and aw, I love how tight they hug after getting engaged. It’s so sweet.

 photo capture_046_21012013_010539_zps0bcd2da4.png
Despite Alt wanting very much to have a real wedding party, he only has $4 to his name and can’t remotely afford the arch. Sorry, Alt.

 photo capture_047_21012013_010550_zps77e414f8.png
So a one on one wedding in the middle of a dark kitchen with dirty dishes on the counter is how this legacy will truly begin. Let’s hope it’s not an omen!

 photo capture_048_21012013_012452_zps1130c1a5.png
Cleve came with $9000 so I immediately gave their house an upgrade! Isn’t it cute?

 photo capture_049_21012013_012507_zps02581e04.png
The perfect little starter for a pair of newlyweds.

 photo capture_050_21012013_012705_zpsccf5b580.png
Cleve rolls Grilled Cheese for his secondary, which should be fun. I nab him the ever-slim lifetime perk because Alt won’t have his husband getting porky from all that cheese!

 photo capture_051_21012013_014017_zpse8994082.png
Ohhhh, he cleans up very nicely. Adorbs! Look at Alt giving Cleve some serious heart-eyes right there. Ha!

 photo capture_052_21012013_014504_zps4d831313.png
He’s so enamored that even when Cleve is asleep, Alt goes and stretches out in bed with him to watch him doze. Cause that’s not creepy at all, nope nope.

 photo capture_053_21012013_015536_zps01924a31.png
In all the furor of the wedding and updating the house I completely forgot about the rule that the founder gen are supposed to go on a honeymoon as soon as possible post-wedding, even if you have to sell stuff to make it happen. Crap, I just spent all 9k on the house and they have a grand total of 2 bucks in the bank!

 photo capture_054_21012013_015701_zps44ebc300.png
Nonetheless, a honeymoon is required so off they go…

 photo capture_065_21012013_022952_zpsd3d9fa74.png
They just won’t be sitting on very nice chairs when they get home, as I had to sell all of them to pay for airfare and one night in Twikki Island. Hard plastic from now on, boys.

 photo capture_055_21012013_020032_zpsa9bd9675.png
Shit these rooms are expensive! One night is all they can afford, but it counts as a honeymoon so okie dokie.

 photo capture_056_21012013_020353_zpsb52f9c2d.png
But do they go inside to their outrageously expensive hotel suite? Oh no, they stand out on the sidewalk dancing and cooing and kissing.

 photo capture_057_21012013_020630_zpsac744ac3.png
It’s pretty standard newlywed material, actually. :) And cute.

 photo capture_058_21012013_020941_zps14bc9bd5.png
After a few hours of that, though, they decide to go try their hand at hula dancing. It’s a hilarious fail. Cleve won’t even try it, he just flat out refuses, and Alt is so awkward and clutzy he just sort of flops about for a while lol. He only ~dances for a little bit before stopping.

 photo capture_059_21012013_021034_zpsae87024b.png
So they go nap. They didn’t even have sex first. Um, guys, you do know what a honeymoon is for, right? And that you’re only here for 24 hours? Get to it!

 photo capture_060_21012013_021403_zps27c266ca.png
Nope, they nom instead, on overpriced steak that Cleve so graciously spews everywhere in his haste to stuff his face. Keeping it classy!

 photo capture_062_21012013_021548_zpscbda417f.png
Well finally! Just don’t try for baby yet, you have no money and the rules say babies cost a grand each! Okay?

Jkdesaf;h;uir ierah;goiisdjafijsahjfa;sj!!!!! Stop that! No no no! Argggggh! When they were done I waited with bated breath to see if there’d be a lullaby, praying not, and after a couple of seconds of silence I was all “Yay no baby they’re infertile Woohoo!!” A split second later the lullaby chimed and my partner – playing Sims 3 on another computer in the same room – had a conniption laughing at me. *sulk* Dammit, they can’t afford babies yet.

 photo capture_063_21012013_021911_zps1219e5d3.png
Blissfully unaware of the hardship they’ve let themselves in for, the boys go stargazing out by the pool early in the morning.

 photo capture_064_21012013_022423_zps956924f7.png
Mid morning they wake up and check out, heading home. It was nice to take them on even this short vacation though. I so rarely send my Sims anywhere, it was a nice change to be forced to get them off their lot.

 photo capture_066_21012013_023033_zpsf63ec25f.png
And here we leave you, with Cleve pregnant, one baby thank god, and me wondering how they’re going to get enough money to pay the 1k penalty per the rules and also buy what the kid will need to, you know, survive. I guess we’ll have to see next time!

Thanks so much for reading, and thanks simppl_life for creating this challenge!

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miss_amarettomiss_amaretto on January 22nd, 2013 07:09 am (UTC)
OH MY GOSH! This was so super cute! Alt is just ADORABLE! I couldn't say no when I saw on the cover his cute curly blond hair! And those freckles?!

Cleve s also such a handsome man! I can't wait to see these babies! What a cute way to start off a legacy!
eatyoursimchieatyoursimchi on January 22nd, 2013 08:38 am (UTC)

Ahhh thank you! I'm happy you liked it!
nikkizoidnikkizoid on January 22nd, 2013 10:49 pm (UTC)
I love simppl_life's board game legacy rules, I've been following their attempt too but yay for another one!
Cleve and Alt, oh the feels! I can't even imagine the cuteness that will be their babies. And their poor ass life should prove very amusing once that baby pops out! ^__^
(Deleted comment)
perislaperisla on January 24th, 2013 01:38 am (UTC)
Awww, what a cute couple! You did a great job on their house too. Can't wait to see the baby. I'll have to check into this challenge, I've been seeing it all over the place lately and it looks like fun!